Home garden harvest circa 2005

Grow Produce

We specialize in growing fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms. You can find us at farmers markets and we can sell seasonal produce to your business and in 2019 we are offering our first CSA program. Contact us if you want to ask for specific growing items.

A nice tranquil reminder.

Clear land

We clear trees and brush from your property and put the byproduct to use as compost and substrate for other growing.

Purge Trash

We can clear all your crap out. Contact us with pictures, address, zipcode, and available times to get a quote and to schedule a trash out. We put everything to good use if possible and recycle/compost everything else we can.


We are city slickers so we know how it can be tough to garden with limited space. We can help you optimize your space and guide you through  practical growing concerning your time, money and skill level.

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